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What's a Grow Pro?
What's a Grow Pro?
Gardening Questions
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Growing with Gardenuity is a completely unique experience. We want you to enjoy the growing process and have a successful harvest, so we’ve assembled a team of Grow Pros to look out for your garden. Our Grow Pro service offers specialist growing guidance, totally personalized to your garden. The Grow Pro team is full of horticulturalists, Master Growers, and experienced gardeners with the sole goal of bringing the joy of gardening to you.

Our Grow Pro team loves hearing about your gardening journey—questions are always answered promptly, and your gardening stories cherished. Our trained Grow Pro Partners are motivated most by sharing their love of gardening with others through day-to-day thoughtful communication with our customers. They’re passionate about helping others discover the best practices to a achieve healthy harvest. It’s this trust and love of gardening that is at the heart of the Gardenuity experience.

Can I talk to my Grow Pro partner?

Yes! You can always reach out to your Grow Pro partner. Send a request direct to and the system will automatically direct it to your personal Grow Pro Partner. If you would like a call back, make sure to leave a good contact number for your partner—this will expedite your call back.

How do I find out who my Grow Pro Partner is?

When you send an email to, it automatically directs it to your personal Grow Pro partner. They, in turn, will reach out to you with their personal email contact information. 

What makes Growing with a Grow Pro partner different?

Our Grow Pro partners are here to help. They are always ready to provide you with whatever you need to ensure you have a happy grow!

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