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Winter Harvest
Winter Harvest
How to prepare and harvest for winter weather or frost
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How to keep growing if frost is less than 3 days:

Cool crop veggies, like beets and carrots, will often be stronger and sweeter if exposed to light frost.  We advise moving your container garden close to the side of your home in a sunny location where it will have protection from wind. Adding mulch to the top of the soil will help retain heat and moisture during the colder months.

If you live in an apartment or condo, we advise bringing your garden inside for the frost duration and place on a waterproof mat to protect your floors.

*Be sure to have a care plan for your garden when you are out of town- ask neighbors, friends or family to plant sit or use a terracotta plant watering device.

Step 1: Harvest the leaves you’d like to use now before the next freeze, cutting back as much as 2/3 of the stem. If you need ideas on how to use or preserve your herbs, click here  for tips from our blog. For veggie growers, be sure to harvest all edible parts! Search our blog for specific veggie harvest instructions.

Step 2: Leave your grow bag, including the plants, outside throughout the winter to let nature do what it does best! Store your bag out of sight or wherever you would like outside, watering is not needed at this time. Herbs benefit from dying back in the winter and often bounce back in the spring stronger than before! Sometimes nature is unpredictable- if plant re-growth looks stunted come springtime, contact your Grow Pros and we can refresh your garden with spring herbs and veggies as early as a week before the last frost.

Stay warm and Keep Growing with Gratitude!

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