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Setting Up Your Garden
Setting Up Your Garden
Instructions for setting up and planting in your grow bag
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The grow bags drain, so it is best to prepare and plant your garden outside.

Step 1:  Remove the shrink wrap from your coir blocks. Place the coarser coir block in the bag first and slowly add one gallon of water. The coir will expand in approximately 10-15 mins. Slowly add more water if necessary. Once the first coir block is hydrated, continue with the remaining coir blocks. Place the next coir block on top (coarser side down) and repeat the hydration process. Use all coir blocks that come with your kit. Smooth the coir evenly throughout the grow bag.

Step 2:  Pour any 'dry' nutrients (Soil Primer and/or Triple Blend) included in your kit, into your brown bag of foundation. Shake well. 

Step 3: Fill the spray bottle with water and add the pH toner and all liquid nutrient vials. Set aside. 

Step 4: Pour and layer your foundation on top of the coir in your grow bag.

Step 5:  Dig a hole for each of your plants and space them evenly apart. 

Step 6:  Remove your plant from its container and loosen the plant roots by massaging the root ball. Place your plants in the holes and fill in with soil so that the roots are well covered.

Step 7: Spray your plant leaves thoroughly with the nutrient mixture then pour any remaining mixture on the soil.

Step 8: Check your garden daily; if it is dry, water well. 

Tip:  Location matters. Move your garden to a sunny spot right from the start. Your garden will grow the entire season in your grow bag- it is the perfect home for your plants to thrive.

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